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Dr. Chua-Samson has been on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry for many years now. Her passion is designing beautiful smiles and providing each and every one of her patients with a dental experience that exceed their highest expectations. Since 1993, Dr. Milarosa Chua- Samson has built a reputation thru uncompromised expertise in her clinical skills, meticulous attention to detail, and a warm gentle demeanor.

She has spent her professional life dedicated to giving her patients the highest level of quality care while focusing on long term health and aesthetics. Dr. Chua-Samson graduated from the Centro Escolar University, School of Dentistry in 1993 and since then has added more glory to her education by pursuing expert training in all aspects of aesthetic, restorative and implants dentistry, ultimately creating a reputable name in her chosen profession. Since then, it has been her passion to provide quality dentistry that changes people's lives in great and uplifting ways.

She and her associates have been continuously guided, determined, and pioneered in finding new ways to beautify smiles. We guarantee each and every client who avails of our services that they will obtain results that would truly fill them with satisfaction; much to their money’s worth. After all one could have all the money in the world; but only a person with a radiant and elegant smile could capture anyone’s attention at first sight.

Our highly trained professional team believes that everyone deserves to feel good, look good and enjoy a lasting healthy, beautiful smile! With 16 years of practice, Dr. Milarosa Chua- Samson doesn’t only focus on doing business in her clinics in Metro Manila. She has also spent countless hours volunteering at philanthropic organizations here in the Philippines for the less fortunate people who are not lucky enough to avail of an important health regimen such as dental check-ups.

Manila Dental Services knows a person’s need to look and feel good. Modern dentistry could make it possible for everyone to achieve the look that a person truly intends to have. After all, a happy and contented life starts on a person’s appreciation of self-worth and inner beauty, with all that everything else would surely follow.