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Show them how much You Care
Parents would absolutely do anything to provide the things that would make their children comfortable and happy. A growing child has different issues in life that contributes much on how one perceives his/herself, a lot of changes are happening in such a hurried pace that parents may overlook the things that have great potentials in bringing out the best in a child like the confidence to smile.

Let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with the most aligned set of teeth that one could truly boast of but there are enough ways to put everything in order most especially with the help of Dental Braces. There are ways to lighten the loads of your child’s ‘growing pains’, bestowing them with the set of teeth would truly matter in developing their self-esteem.

It is guaranteed that in no time, your child would be confident enough to face the world and grab the opportunities that would come his/her way. So go ahead, do your part as parents and give them the best of what you can possibly offer.

Dental Braces

  • Mild Case                                   -   990 USD
  • Moderate Case                         -    1,200 USD
  • Severe Case                            -    1,400 USD
  • Ceramic Braces                         -    1,600 USD