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There are certain Dental Services that may require some time to get done and we at Manila Dental Services wouldn’t want to hinder our visiting clients to enjoy the beauty of whatever the Philippines may offer them, so aside from the assurance of quality and amazing results on our expert and professional services, we exerted enough efforts on coming up with fun and worthy ways for our clients to avail of the best enjoyment that they can have while in the country. Our Dental Tourism Packages would definitely foster quality time while clients enjoy the best of what the Philippines can truly offer.

Tagaytay City has definitely become a favorite destination for any tourists who visit the country. It has become a favorite haven and is often referred to as the ‘paradise city’ for the scenic and captivating sites that it boasts of.

There are a number of destinations that would absolutely make your visit to the place a lot more exciting whether one finds pleasure on outdoor fun or by merely sightseeing.

  • The Tagaytay Picnic Grove is the best place where one could have a rendezvous with nature without too much worries. It is a great place for relaxation where visitors could enjoy horse back-riding or just sit down and relax and savour the fascinating glories of nature around. Tagaytay Picnic Grove is a great place to stop by after hours of tiring adventure.

  • The Palace in the Sky offers a great view of the world famous lake within a lake or commonly known as the Tagaytay Volcano. Aside from its fantastic scenery, the Palace in the Sky was constructed to be part of the former President Marcos’ numerous mansions and as the place to stay for the supposed VIP, former U.S. President Reagan. But since the visit was cancelled, the construction of the mansion was also put to a stop.

  • You will also get a FREE Overnight Stay at Kimberly Hotel where you can rest and take advantage of the hotel's various amenities.

Avail your Free Vacation Package!

* MDS Clients who would be able to accumulate $5000 worth of Dental Services can avail this vacation package for FREE.

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