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Free Dental Vacation Packages
Package 2.2

Avail of our exciting packages that would definitely add excitement to every client’s visit to the Philippines. Our clients would be privilege to enjoy free transportation to and from the client’s place of stay on the first day of visit to our clinic and on the desired date of tour, one sumptuous complementary meal, lunch or dinner depending on the client’s preference, and a tourist guide that would guarantee great companionship for a satisfying tour.

Laguna has long been referred to as the “Resort Province of the Philippines” for being a haven for fresh, natural, and pristine bodies of water such as hot springs, lakes and waterfalls.

Package 2.2A

  • The Pagsanjan falls located at Cavinti, Laguna has earned enough recognition among tourists and locals and has been a favorite site for many families especially on summer vacations. It is a place for outdoor fun and entertainment where sports such as wind surfing, water skiing, and sailing can be experienced at its best, being in a location enclosed by different mountains that create a comfortable feel of the mountain breeze. The “shooting the rapids” experience is both an adventure and a visual treat. Decades before the whitewater rafting of Cagayan de Oro and Chico river were developed, boatmen skillfully maneuvered their bancas through the rapids of Bumbungan River. This has become an art, and now a license is even required to certify your skill! Another amazing treat is the Pagsanjan Gorge on both sides of the river. The forests are intact, and monkeys love to hang out across the river. Careful though: As of 2007, tourists have to wear helmets because monkeys are said to pelt humans with rocks and branches! A sidetrip is Talahib Falls may be done before proceeding to the Main Falls. During the rainy season other waterfalls swell and also become noteworthy sights: Wedding Veil Falls, Kalukuy Falls, and other nameless waterfalls.

  • You will also get a FREE Overnight Stay at HOTEL LA CORONA de PAGSANJAN.

Package 2.2B

  • There is never a dull moment at the Caliraya Re-creation Center. There is a wide variety of fun-filled activities await guests at the resort. With its spacious courts, green, forested fields, the man-made lake as well as its many facilities and amenities, the resort is a haven far from the malling crowd. Waterfront: Speedboat(w/driver & life jackets), 4/7 seaterJet ski (w/ vesttypelife jackets), Ferry boat (30 seater), Ski Board, Knee Board Weight Board, High Chair *needs big Speed boatCanoe (4 seater w/life jackets), Kayak (1 seater w/life jackets), Zorb Ball, Water Roller Balls and manymore.

    Visiting Laguna is one of the best chances that people shouldn’t let go of or else a person would be bound to miss so much of the pleasurable experiences that can only happen in the province of Laguna.

Avail of your Free Vacation Package!

* MDS Clients who would be able to accumulate $5000 worth of Dental Services can Avail this Package for FREE.

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