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Package 2.3

Batangas has long been popular for its amazing spots for diving such as in Anilao and Laiya. Wake boarding, jet skiing, and wind surfing are included among the best activities that can be done at the best resorts in the City of Batangas.

Summertime would definitely be doubly exciting as guests are acquainted with the best places in town and the friendly and happy people within it. Batangas is the place for tourists who want to get the most of what they can experience without going further away from Manila.

Package 2.3A

  • The Virgin Beach Resort. sits by the shores of Laiya, facing east, adjacent to Sigayan Bay, one of the cleanest bays in the Philippines. The resort has more than a kilometer of pristine white sand beach. Its waters are pure, serene and crystal-clear. The majestic Mount Lobo serves as a tranquil backdrop to its beautiful beachfront area. If you are appreciative of such a place, then come and experience Virgin Beach Resort.

Package 2.3B

  • Palm Beach (La Frondosa) is a family resort located in Bo. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, running along the same coastline of the now popular LAIYA. The Resort is designed to be a private retreat for those who prefer the tranquility and peace of a place with a well preserved natural setting as an alternative to other overdeveloped destinations. It is a combination of privately owned homes and resort facilities to serve the needs of its residents and guests.

Be amazed by some of Philippines’ Best Beach Resorts!

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