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Restoring a Lost Glory
If given the chance, many people would surely do anything to restore their teeth back to its optimum level. Some people might have lost their teeth due to negligence or by accident and it would surely be nice to have some options on how to get it back in shape. The emergence of Prosthodontics has definitely paved the opportunity for people to get the ‘lost tooth’ back in the most sophisticated manner.

Technology in the Dental Industry has unquestionably found ways to disprove the saying “there’s no use crying over spilled milk”; because, in fact there are more than enough ways to restore that lost glory. Filling the gaps in between teeth is no longer a problem because there are great ways to revive that gorgeous and natural looking smile!

Manila Dental Services strives to continuously provide clients with State-of-the-Art dental services and the most affordable dentures cost, dental implant rates and other inexpensive prosthodontics procedures.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (Ordinary) -  200 USD / per unit
  • Partial Denture                                            -   300 USD
  • Complete Denture (Ordinary)                       -   450 USD
  • Complete Denture (Ivocap)                          -   650 USD
  • Dental Implants                                            -   875 USD / per unit